11 Steps to a Body of Your Dreams!

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  1. Persistence!

Violate the procedure and you will not get permanent results. We recently summarized the results of a 10-year study that prove persistence is the single most important aspect of any diet or exercise program. The study followed a group of people (group # 1) who exercised and controlled a strict diet. But there are sporadic and compare those results with a group of people (group # 2) who exercise mildly and follow a basic diet. But this group has never changed. From their routine, although group # 2 exercised and consumed much less (But continued), they achieved 68% better results compared to the exercise and diet groups. But only occasionally

  1. Exercise with others

Working with others will get you results up to 43% faster !!!

  1. Don’t use bad advice.

Only follow the advice of people who seem fit and healthy, and people you know have knowledge of health and fitness!

  1. Always keep an eye on your pulse

When doing aerobic or cardiovascular training! Keeping your pulse within the 80% target heart rate zone will burn up to 9 times more calories, dropping below your target heart rate won’t burn fat calories. It’s almost the same, and being higher than your target heart rate can cause muscle breakdown.

  1. Surround yourself with winners

One of the key qualities of successful people is to avoid negative people and spend much of their time surrounded by people who achieve what they want. So if your goal is to gain 135 pounds by eating healthy and living a full-bodied life – find others who live a healthy, 135-pound lifestyle. Just talking about getting in shape But not continually taking action will help ensure that you don’t achieve your goals.

  1. Know your results

Have a specific goal.Take a photo (or several) of what you will be when you reach your goal, then focus only on that image. Quickly remove any negative beliefs or images that may come into your mind during the day.

7.Increase water intake

Water is the main ingredient of life. No living thing could exist without pure water every day. If you don’t consume enough fresh water every day, your body will age faster, look fatter, more susceptible to germs and colds, loss of joint mobility, and much more. 150 pounds need at least 8-10 glasses per day, people weighing between 150-250 pounds need about 16 glasses a day.

  1. See where your calories are coming from

There is no doubt that we eat too much sugar and fat. Moderation has been key in the past, now the key is moderation and exclusion of junk food. Once or twice a year is generally fine if you are a normal healthy individual. But more than that is fine.

  1. Increase the number of meals eaten per day.

On average, you should eat a low-fat, high-fiber combination of protein and vegetables every few hours of the day. This will give you an almost unfair advantage over those who eat 3 (or less) normal meals each day.

  1. See the picture clearly and often.

Design a new body in mind first You can’t achieve a perfect body idea if you have no idea what the perfect body means to you.Spend 10 minutes when you’re sure you won’t be disturbed by people or phone calls. To your fullest, then start dreaming of how you will be when you reach your goals. Be specific about what your calves will be, your legs, buttocks, lower back, belly, chest, upper back, shoulders, neck and face. Then check this picture as often as possible each day (no less than 3x / day).

  1. Cardio … Cardio … Cardio.

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