6 Easy Techniques To Cope With Night Shift Work -Without Any Expensive Doctors or Medicine!

People who work the night shift pose a huge challenge for their sleep system due to improper exposure / activity levels. Light exposure regulates body temperature rhythm and regulates our melatonin levels. If you work the night shift, you will remain active while your body thinks it’s time for bed.This will strain your sleep system and will also be difficult for your emotional life as it will limit your social activities with. Friends and family

And due to the lack of light during work, many night shift workers feel sleepy during work, some even doze off when driving home. Below are some tips to help you get quality sleep and feel less sleepy while you work.

  1. Routine

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule over the weekend is important. Getting the same sleep as on the weekends you do on weekdays, you will want to make sure your body temperature rhythm is adjusted. With this setting you will sleep better and energy levels higher in the long run.

  1. Take a short nap

Since your schedule is out of sunlight, your body tries to sleep longer than everyone else, but chances are you still want to interact with your partner during the day, so if you still feel restless and sleepy after bed. Take a short nap of 10-45 minutes during the day. A short period of phase 2 sleep will charge you to help you become more alert during the day.

  1. Exercise before work

Exercise raises your body temperature, making you more alert and alert during work. As you have a high temperature at work, you will get a low temperature after work, which will make you fall asleep easier and fall asleep soundly.

  1. Bright lights during working

Exposure to high-intensity light while working at night will help you become more energetic as light raises your body temperature. As you feel more energized during work, you will feel tired after work, thus helping you get quality sleep after work.

The best way to combat work fatigue is to have an artificially lit light generator. (Talk to your boss about it – good for performance) that can produce 5,000-10000 lux of light.

  1. Avoid the morning sun.

Try to avoid bright lights when leaving work by wearing dark sunglasses, which will reduce the chance of your body getting confused and thinking it’s time to wake up. Make sure you sleep in a dark room after work and that your sleep will not be interrupted by bright light. Bright morning light is an important signal for your body, as it is the time to get up and shine, which greatly limits your sleep.

6.Do not sleep right away

Do not sleep for the first 3 hours when you get home. (Usually 6-7 am in the morning) as it will be interrupted by morning activities around the house. The first 3 hours of sleep is your most deep sleep, so you shouldn’t go to bed right after work. But wait until everyone in the house is out of work and the kids have breakfast and go to school – that way, you can relax after work and go to bed.

In conclusion, shift work will make the sleep system difficult. However, using the advice highlighted in this article will help strengthen your sleep system, get better quality sleep, and get a higher level of energy.

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